About Us

About Us


Grooming dogs - a business I started when I got into training dog€™s. I have been grooming dogs for around 25 years. The products we use are of the highest quality, for all types of hair & skin needs. We provide a medicated shampoo for those skin problem some dogs might have.  We also have a gentler shampoo for the damaged hair types that has a conditioner. I always like to us a leave on finishing spray to help repel dirt and give it that luster shine.

Here are some standard cuts: Puppy Cut (that's taking it all off, exception the tail), or the Teddy Bear Cut (thats leaving head shape, and tail) the rest of the body is cut short. Then we have the scissor cuts for longer hair, then of course there€™s Hunt Cut (very short all over) and the bread standard€˜s. My favorite is the Puppy Cut for the summer months as it takes off evenly and has a nice grow out come winter here in Wallowa County. I also clean the plaque off there teeth,( If they allow it) then a spray that sooths the gums after the cleaning :). I try to get a feel of home life for the dog and owner to come up with what is best for them for care of the pet, but most of all what is important is what the owner is wanting is the bottom line.

I do a Doggie Day Care service so people can play in our wonderful Wallowa Mountains without having to wonder if there pets are safe if left unattended.  It'€™s not something I do a lot of, but it'€™s a service  that seemed to be needed in the area.  It'€™s a great way to meet very nice people and there pets.

I enjoy grooming dog'€™s, with ears up and tails wagging!


Teresa Clough